The cam site has closed its doors without any warning and refuses to pay the revenues of its cam girls and affiliates.
The company « Night Vision Studios » has cut access to cam girls accounts on its live platform and to affiliated webmasters on its affiliate website, prohibiting by this action any consultation of sales figures and statements.
Many cam girls tried to contact the company’s executives in order to get paid for the shows they performed, without any success, no answer, complete silence … Lots of them had accumulated several months behind their payments, NVS pretending they had problems with their bank. All this becomes even more worrying when one discovers that the company is based in Costa Rica and its bank in Singapore, everything seems to have been planned not to be worried about possible lawsuits.

Yet the case could have unintended consequences, to the detriment of the company « Night Vision Studio » and its service provider / partner in crime « ». Indeed several cam girls have decided not to surrender without delivering the fight of the just, led by Laly VALLADE, famous pornstar and French reality TV star. How can they fight? Well, it’s simple but very effective: using the power of social networks and internet!

« Night Vision Studios » belongs to an influential man in Canada, if his name were to appear in several articles on the web, it could soon become embarrassing, not to mention the very bad publicity for its related activities.
And what about the company « » which is a legit Canadian company and offers its services of websites management and maintenance… We imagine the impact of such a disastrous advertisement.

The cam girls can count on the support of the whole Porn community, and when you see the number of followers that cam girls and pornstars accumulate on their Twitter accounts, Snapchat or Instagram, it’s pretty scary! It should be understood that live websites are an important source of income for many Pornstars, it is an opportunity for them to shout to big companies excutives: « DON’T FUCK WITH ME! »

No doubt that the affiliates community will support this action. Let’s wait and see.

Tristan Seagal

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